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All good, effective organisations have a strong team of staff. So, as of August 2023, we have a dedicated committee for Croydon Therapy Clinic. The founding members are or have been  CTC clients and so know first hand the benefits of hydrotherapy for physical and mental health (one has been coming for about 15 years!). Their role is to support the smooth running of CTC, to be a voice for the clients, and to lead the organising of events, both fundraising and social. The first event was a bake-off, at which we saw a huge number of clients show off their skills (oh, the cakes were good), and raised £700 for the charity. We’re hoping to beat that at our next event.

If you would like to support CTC or have ideas for events, please contact the committee. All are welcome, you don’t have to be a client!

CTC Committee Members

Pauline Meczes

Alecia Roach


Bridget West


Audrey Saunders


Selma Ergin

Jan Harvey

Maureen Francis

Steve Halfyard

Jane Wragg

(Interim member)

Selina Twuma-Barima

(Interim member)


CTC | The Cake Bake Off 23 September 2023

Press Release October 2023

Missed Sweet Treats are only the beginning for Croydon:

CTC specialise in hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. These services improve mobility, strength and flexibility.  Aiding people wanting to stay within the comfort of their own homes, with their families and to help relieve the backlog of patients awaiting NHS support. The 6-week permitted treatment time within the NHS, post operation or injury, is often not enough. CTC provides further steps to help those in recovery and in need of rehabilitation.

Establishing these healthy and effective exercises within your everyday life can be difficult, CTC aids in providing real time treatment solutions, client specific exercise programmes and appropriate customer care.

On the 23rd of September, a new local charity had their first fundraiser with delicious cakes, biscuits and sweet treats. The bake sale was catered by Croydon Therapy Clinic (CTC) and fellow members of the community, all wanting to help with this endeavour.

The bake sale is one of the first of many fundraising opportunities. CTC want you to know the next steps within the Croydon community, encouraging you to be a part of it. Upcoming events include a Christmas party 9th December 2023, pub quiz in February and a craft fair in April.

The fundraising events will be run by a collection of volunteers, clients and CTC committee members living with chronic illness and who have benefited from incorporating hydrotherapy in their lives. They want to support their local charity and help build a rehabilitation centre, a community in which they will continue to be seen and supported.