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A Comprehensive Guide for Relatives and Carers

Most carers are untrained and expected to automatically fall into a complex carers roll, I adapted my first book “Stroke & Stroke Rehabilitation” to create my second book, Stroke & Stroke Rehabilitation for Carers & Relatives. The book contains a large section specific to nursing and caring duties, support and guidance. Both books cover, Brain Anatomy, Stroke, Nursing Duties Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Dieticians and Infection Control.

When someone close to you has had a stroke, they will need help and support after they return home from hospital. This comprehensive guide will help relatives and carers understand the role of a carer and how they can best help. Other chapters include, how the brain works, what exactly a stroke is, nursing duties, and the importance of therapies.

A4 Soft Cover Price per book £19.99

Stroke & Stroke Rehabilitation

An Award Winning A4 Workbook

An award winning interactive work book for:

Health Care Assistants, Technicians, Associate Practitioners, Students,

OT Assistants, Physiotherapy Assistants, Patients and Carers

Developing Skills & Competencies through Work Based Learning

Brain Anatomy, Stroke, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nursing,
Speech & Language Therapy, Dieticians, Infection Control

Supplied by Croydon Therapy Clinic

A4 Stroke Work Book £22.50 each

Minimum Order 5 Books
10-25 £20.00 each

The Benefits of Exercise after Injury or Long Term Illness

A5 Booklet

The aim of this booklet is to teach the reader simple exercises and to give advice about staying active and improving fitness levels while at home or in hospital. Exercise will help to improve the quality of your stay in hospital along with aiding recovery after treatment.

Inactivity can lead to muscle wasting and loss of function. It is well known that after and during long term hospital care many people have muscle weakness, joint stiffness and fatigue

Getting up and out of bed and taking short walks during the day is integral to improving health and well-being.

Price – £6.50 each

Minimum Order 10 Books

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